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FreeDOS kernel - OEM id 0xfd

The "official" kernel is the sourceforge 'freedos' project 'kernel' source.
The current kernel is stored in SVN and is the TRUNK branch.
It is meant to remain as a stable branch with aim of 100% compatibility with MS/PC-DOS (R) for those needing a stable kernel for their product [personal or commercial].

Development version of the FreeDOS kernel - OEM id 0xfd

This is an unoffical branch branch of the offical 'freedos' project's kernel.
Formally I helped to maintain the kernel within the offical SVN repository, my changes (and those of others who have submitted patches) are now stored in a git repository on GitHub - Periodically change sets may be sent to FreeDOS kernel list to hopefully be included in future official kernel releases.

FDOS' DOS-C kernel - OEM id 0xdc

Based on the old development branch (kernels with w revision suffix - for work-in-progress). Note: The form dev branch in the freedos SVN has not been maintained for a while and its use is discourged for all purposes!
Source may be found in the SourceForge 'fdos' project for this kernel - may move to git in the future. The goal is to continue Pat's goals including merging back in some of the original portability and advanced features at the expense of some compatibility with older hardware and software.

Official Kernel

Stable kernel snapshot from svn TRUNK branch. Compiled with Open Watcom.
Kernel archive includes:

Latest release kernels

Fat32 enabled, for 386+

Other build variations

Source code

Testing kernels

FreeDOS Kernel development - OEM id 0xfd

Development kernel snapshot.
Builds from git source available in
git directory.
Source and fdpkg archives are available there as well, or get source from Github -

FDOS' DOS-C Kernel - OEM id 0xdc

Development kernel snapshot from my FDOS distribution.
Not currently available.


FAT+ is a specification for FAT compatible file system with support for files greater than 4 GiB. (Prior drafts of the specification are still available - draft release 1, initial draft - diff between draft r1 & r2. See also the DR-DOS/OpenDOS Enhancement Project (DR-DOS trademark DRDOS Inc.)