FREEDOS Ripcord BootDisk


Below are a set of FreeDOS based boot disks intended for basic DOS use.

These boot disks are auto generated about once a week.
WARNING: These disk images are not tested!
For tested boot disks, use the official releases (see
Some portions (such as the Kernel) are built from latest source or latest downloadable binary, whereas other portions are manually updated. An archive with all source (to satisfy various license requirements, e.g. GPL) should be available with the disk/disk image. You should obtain it at the same time, as only the latest available boot disk and source archive are provided.


This disk (image) should be bootable by any computer supported by FreeDOS (8086+ IBM compatible PC), however certain additions may require a 80286, 80386 or newer system. It is my hope that the disks may be useful for BIOS flashing (please use default BARE mode), playing 'classic' DOS games, system recovery, OEM use (just add your program), etc.

If you have suggestions for a new boot disk, corrections, want additional disk image sizes (not supported yet, but will be soon), etc. then send me (perditionc -at- a note. It may take a while for me to respond, or you may not even get a response, but if I actually get your email, then I will try to add the suggestion / image. Please do not ask for inclusion of programs without a clear copyright notice that allows such inclusion!!!


Please use the FreeDOS lists if you need assistance.
Also read the
boot disk FAQ.

See for more information about FreeDOS.
See for more information about this distribution.

Disk Images:

.imz images are pkzip compressed!
If you need them uncompressed, please download then use unzip, winzip, or similar tool.
These are intended for smaller download (any unzip program should work to extract the raw image) and should hopefully be directly usable by winimage.

.gz images are gzip compressed!
If you need them uncompressed, please download then use gzip -d, winzip, or a similar tool.
These can also be used as a smaller download than the raw image, which can be easily extracted. This image is intended (not tested yet) to be directly usable as a compressed image for use with isolinux via memdisk.

The disk images contain identical files! Please select either zipped (.imz) or gzipped (.gz) depending on your usage and preferences, but you do not need both.

Normal Bootdisk

This is a standard boot disk, with tools such as FDISK, FORMAT, SYS, etc. It is meant as a basic disk for normal DOS use.
Last modified Wednesday May 27, 2015.
See also

FDSTD.720.imz (FDSTD.720.gz) - A 720KB image
FDSTD.144.imz (FDSTD.144.gz) - A 1.44MB image
FDSTD.288.imz (FDSTD.288.gz) - A 2.88MB image - Source for included programs. - In development, 10MB hard disk image for use with MEMDISK. To open with VDK using FDSTD10.pln; for VirtualBox (and probably VMWare) use FDSTD10.vmdk - the FDSTD10.IMG is a raw bootable image with CHS=19/16/63.
Example syslinux.cfg entry:

LABEL tiny
  KERNEL memdisk
  MENU LABEL FreeDOS 10MB hard disk image
  APPEND harddisk c=19 h=16 s=63 - Example VHD for VirtualBox demonstrating FDSTD contents and 10MB hard disk image with MEMDISK. Also demonstrates adding CONFIG.SYS lines from syslinux.cfg.

Install Bootdisk

This is meant as an updated Installation boot disk. The contents are the same as that for the most recent Ripcord CD-ROM ISO or Floppy distribution.
Last modified Wednesday May 27, 2015.

NOT CURRENTLY UPDATED!!! for FreeDOS 1+ distributions.
FDINSTALL.144.imz (FDINSTALL.144.gz) - A 1.44MB image
FDBASICINSTALL.360.imz (FDBASICINSTALL.360.gz) - A minimal 360KB image - Source for included programs.

OEM Bootdisk

This is bare boot disk, with just kernel and It is intended for those who need a DOS boot disk to add some other (OEM) program to or want to boot DOS without any other programs loaded. Please make sure you distribute along with any [modified] disk image you distribute.
Last modified Wednesday May 27, 2015.

FDOEM.144.imz (FDOEM.144.gz) - A 1.44MB image
Also available in other sizes:
FDOEM.360.imz (FDOEM.360.gz) - A 360KB image
FDOEM.288.imz (FDOEM.288.gz) - A 2.88MB image - Source for included FreeDOS kernel and FreeCom.

OEM CD-ROM disc builder assistant

This is intended to help all of those wanting a simple method to create a bootable DOS CD-ROM to run a particular DOS program. Note: It is intended for 386 or higher systems (due to CD-ROM drivers). Included is a FreeDOS boot disk image, ISOLINUX, and the the framework to generate ISO images. (A zip compressed 360KB FreeDOS diskette image is provided by default, however the files including BFI (Win32 only) are also included to allow customization if needed.)
To create a bootable CD-ROM, just add your files, edit the CD's volume, and startup file, run included MAKEISO.BAT, and then burn the generated FDOEM.ISO using your normal CD Writing program. Please make sure you distribute with the ISO image you distribute.
See README.TXT for details, in particular the QUICK USAGE Appendix.
Last modified Sunday February 13, 2005. - The framework (needed), 548KB - Redistributable source (only needed if you intend to redistribute your ISO image or physical CD-ROM) for included FreeDOS and other programs, 1874KB - Source for programs used to build the ISO image, but not distributed with it (only needed if you intend to redistribute, 2887KB

Custom Bootdisks

Below are customized boot disks that are based on the above FreeDOS boot disks. Think of them as useful examples of what an OEM bootdisk could be. Note: these are provided as a convenience and because I think they could be useful, as such they may be removed or modified at any time.
If you have suggestions for other custom FreeDOS based bootdisks you want added here, and all the programs to include can legally (there is written notice that such a program is freeware, GPL'd, public domain, etc) be included, then send me the information to obtain all the necessary files including suggested layout. Please DO NOT send me disk images unless requested.

Partition Resizer

So you want to install a new operating system (FreeDOS or ReactOS maybe :-) but need to resize/move a partition? Try this boot disk, it contains the basic FreeDOS tools (attrib, fdisk, format, deltree) but also contains Partition Resizer.
Partition Resizer does not include source, but it is a freeware program to resize partitions. You should run Partitions Resizer from a writable diskette, as it maintains a file that allows it to continue should problems occur. Read its documents before using.
There are also several commercial programs available [i.e. not included] if you want support.
WARNING: Backup your data first, while nothing bad should happen, there is no warranty or guarentees of any sort -- Don't blame me or the respective authors if you loose valueable data! As everthing else here: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
Last modified Wednesday May 27, 2015.

FDPRSZR.144.imz (FDPRSZR.144.gz) - A 1.44MB image - Source for included programs.

Creating your own bootdisk

If you wish to create your own boot disk, but don't want to use the OEM disk image (or don't want to have open/write the disk image) then this is for you. It contains the kernel (KERNEL.SYS), FreeCom (COMMAND.COM), and the tool to copy these and write the boot sector (SYS). That's it. These are the same files found in above images, so also a handy way to update your kernel if you have FreeDOS already installed and don't want to wait until next Release kernel build.
For an example see
For now please see kernel page.


  FreeDOS is a trademark of Jim Hall. 
  It was claimed as a trademark to prevent its possible abuse or misuse.
  The name FreeDOS may be used by the FreeDOS community to refer to 
  programs that are part of the FreeDOS operating system, or to associate
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